VMworld 2014: VDI Printing Made Possible

Today’s VDI environments change almost as quickly as the seasons. With each change, even the most basic desktop functions can be impacted. One of which is printing.

Printing has become an afterthought for VDI. Even VMware’s Horizon 6 lacked printing capabilities. To overcome this, VMware turned to enterprise mobility management leader Cortado. Earlier this week, Cortado and VMware officially announced the integration of Cortado’s ThinPrint Engine 10 into Horizon 6 for flawless, easy-to-use VDI printing.

In addition, Cortado and VMware have extended their already seven-year OEM partnership until 2022. This agreement showcases how Cortado’s ThinPrint is THE solution for everything print related.

With Cortado in the mix, users truly have the ONE solution they need to meet all of their VDI needs.

This is just one of the few announcements made at VMworld this week. Which announcement caught your eye at the show?

What’s to Come from VMworld 2014?

VMworld 2014, the conference for virtualization and cloud computing, is just around the corner. With more than 22,000 attendees expected this year, 350 breakout sessions from VMware and its community of partners and customers have been set. We’re looking forward to hearing the latest and greatest on tools, software, technologies and practices, and how they will enrich IT.

VMworld organizers have packed the conference’s agenda with unique sessions, including hands-on labs, workshops and group discussions. The hottest topics included in this year’s agenda are:

  • Software-defined enterprise
  • Public and hybrid cloud
  • End user computing
  • Partner track

Robin Matlock, CMO for VMware, says more than 250 sponsors will support this year’s conference. There will also be additional expert-led workshop opportunities to “accommodate high demand exhibited last year.” The five-day conference will also have the presence of Black Keys at the VMworld Party.

Are you attending VMworld 2014 conference? If so, what are you looking forward to the most? Comment below or let us know in Twitter.

Future Cars with Smart Tech to Prevent Collisions

We’ve written a bit about the connected car in the past. As we continue to follow the trend, the new technologies that are popping up are incredible.

On Monday, the Obama administration said future cars and light trucks may be required to be equipped with wireless technology that would allow cars to warn each other of potential dangers. The smart tech would enable them to avoid collisions.

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this new technology could prevent as many as 592,000 left-turn and intersection crashes a year, saving more than a 1,000 lives.

NHTSA has specified that this new wireless technology will use a radio signal to continually transmit a vehicle’s position, direction, speed and other information to other cars equipped with the same technology. Alerting drivers when another car or truck is about to run a red light, or when a car in front makes a sudden stop are some of the instances in which this technology will come in handy.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx says this vehicle-to-vehicle technology is “the next great advance in saving lives.”

The Obama administration said a proposal to make a requirement of this new wireless technology system is being drafted. It is estimated that consumers will have to pay about $329 per vehicle in 2020 to own a car or truck equipped with this wireless technology.

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When it comes to Streaming Services, Which Device is Most Popular?

The adoption of streaming media players in the U.S. doubled between 2011 and 2013, reaching 14 percent in 2013. With the rise in use of streaming devices, it seems everyone has their preferred streaming service. According to the numbers, most people are choosing Roku to stream video.

This is surprising to Apple lovers, who might assume Apple TV would be the winner. However, while half of U.S. homes have an Apple TV device, Apple’s media streaming market share lags behind Roku.

Parks Associates expects streaming video media devices to grow by 25 percent in the next year. As we look forward to seeing how the market share might change, it will be interesting to watch which brand will gain the upper hand with U.S. consumers.

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What to Hear at ABTA 2014: Soccer Goes Multiscreen

The 2014 FIFA World Cup attracted record audience numbers across the globe, including a whopping 26.5 million U.S. viewers for the final match between Germany and Argentina. In addition, an impressive number of online streaming and social media interactions were noted during the competition.

Sports and TV go hand in hand, and the 2014 World Cup showed us this in full force. Where many people only saw a 31-day soccer tournament, broadcasters and industry players saw it as a means to attract viewers, subscribers and advertisers.

This will be a hot topic at the 2014 ABTA Conference & Expo, taking place in Sao Paulo today through Thursday. For example, Russell Wolf, EVP of ESPN, will speak on a panel on Wednesday about the delivery of content to any screen at any time, including the challenges of reaching new consumers and devices while monetizing content.

How many screens did you need to watch and keep up with the World Cup?

Microsoft Moves to New Markets with its Smartphone Update

Microsoft recently announced the release of its Windows Phone 8.1 update, which will include a number of new and improved features that will help the company expand to new markets, including China, United Kingdom, Canada, India and Australia.

One of the major features of the update is Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant software. A beta version of Cortana will be available to users in China and United Kingdom and an alpha version for Australia, Canada and India.

Several elements within the personal assistant will also be tailored according to each region. For instance, Cortana in China will support Mandarin. Other features that suit this new market, such as temperature change information, air quality, warnings on driving restrictions and information relating to celebrities are expected too.

Microsoft also said Cortana has been modified to support U.K. spellings and pronunciations.  It will also feature local information on sports, the London Stock Exchange, commuter conditions and other helpful features for this region.

On the global front, Windows Phone 8.1 will have a number of upgraded features to look forward to, including:

  • Live folders of live tiles – better customizations of home screens for the users
  • Better wearable support – the device will now support Bluetooth push notifications.
  • High-voltage charging – enables Windows Phone 8.1 to charge faster
  • Xbox Music App – updated to deliver better performance in areas like app loading and list scrolling

Do you think Microsoft’s smartphone will gain more recognition with some of these features? Comment below or let us know on Twitter.

Optimizing iOS 8 for the Enterprise

Apple made a major strategic shift into the enterprise space with a secure business container with iOS 7. But this was only phase one.

With iOS 8, Apple has expanded its MDM and productivity features, which will further meet the needs of the increasingly mobile workforce and its array of devices. To optimize the capabilities of iOS 8, companies need tools that enable both productivity and security in one package. But, what many will find are fragmented solutions that offer one or the other, making their integration and use complex and tedious for employees and admins alike. This is where Cortado and its solution, Cortado Corporate Server, come in.

Cortado Corporate Server provides the full enterprise mobility package. By optimizing iOS 8 with Cortado, enterprises will truly have ONE easy-to-use solution that enables them to be secure AND productive.

Check out the release here.

ABTA 2014: Monetizing New Pay-TV Services in Emerging Markets

The debate is over. Pay-TV will only survive if it can support new content distribution platforms and services, such as VOD, IPTV and OTT. This begs the question for service providers and broadcasters alike, how will they monetize these services?

That question is even more complex in emerging markets, such as Brazil, where the pay-TV industry is a booming one. Since 2006, the number of pay-TV subscribers in Brazil has grown on average 23.4 percent per year. Last year, despite the low GDP growth, the pay-TV market expanded more than 11 percent and the subscriber base reached 18 million homes, according to ABTA data.

The answer to this question will be a focus at the upcoming 2014 ABTA Conference & Expo, taking place in Sao Paulo, August 5-7. The three-day congress promises sessions and conversations that will foster the pay-TV industry, enabling it to find and deploy innovative and flexible business models that will help the industry monetize the new video services.

How can emerging markets, such as Brazil, best monetize these services?

The Ins and Outs of Amazon’s Unlimited Kindle Service

You’ve probably heard the news – Amazon recently introduced the Kindle Unlimited Service. What does it mean for its subscribers? In short, they get access to more than 600,000 e-books and thousands of audiobooks for $9.99 per month.

The service is a significant improvement to Amazon’s existing offering. Its current selection of e-books, Kindle Owners Lending Library, works only with Kindle devices and allows users to check one free book per month.  But, Kindle Unlimited Service gives users access to a large amount of unlimited e-books from the Kindle reading library that can be read on a Kindle, tablets with free Kindle reading apps, iOS and Android devices, and on Windows and Mac desktops and laptops.

According to Mashable, subscribers will have access to a broad selection of books and will not have a limit as to how long they can hold onto a book. Members will, though, be limited to holding 10 digital books at a time. In addition, Amazon said there would be no waiting list on Kindle Unlimited Service.

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Bigger, Better and Faster: Setting the New Standard for Mobile File Management

There was a point where 2 GB of storage was more than enough. But not today.

There was also a time when people were OK with using a different app for each of their mobile needs (be it printing, file sharing, etc). But that just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Enterprise mobility management leader Cortado is in tune with the needs of today’s mobile users, consumer and business alike. The company today announces it is not only offering 5x’s more free storage (10GB), but is now offering a web version of its free productivity app Cortado Workplace. Cortado is the ONE solution for all productivity needs for users on the go, be it printing or file sharing, in addition to offering the security users need to assure their private documents stay private. Cortado is truly the “full package.”

Find the full details in the press release here.